“I’m an optimist,” proclaims Stephen Kuzma. “No, not really,” he adds. “Black is my favorite color.”

From optimism to pessimism, black to white, Kuzma’s work provokes an exhilarating response. A windswept optimism informs his Nova Scotia oeuvre, which features rocky coves, tilting tombstones (“drunk like fisherman”) and jaunty wash lines. A dark, brooding intensity infiltrates the paintings inspired by New York City.

Kuzma is mesmerized by the beauty of banality. He finds mystery in the commonplace. A man recedes into his umbrella, window washers squeegee past each other’s faces, dark figures loom over prostrate feet. His taste for the theatrical combined with his deft style have won Kuzma acclaim from renowned curators.

Previously unavailable paintings from the 1960s to the current day have just come on the market, creating an exciting opportunity to collect this New York icon. Kuzma is also available for portrait commissions.

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